Dice Recruiter Chrome Extension: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Dice Recruiter Chrome Extension work?
The Extension displays Open Web profile information on billions of web pages where there is a personal identifier present (e.g. a Twitter handle, email address, social link, etc.).

Where does Dice Recruiter get its information?
The data that the Extension reveals is gathered from a variety of publicly available sources. The information returned is similar to the types of data you would find if you ran a Google or Bing search. We’ve pulled together that data from 130 sites and aggregated it into a powerful profile and searchable database called Open Web.

How much does the Dice Recruiter Chrome Extension cost?
The Extension is a free and can be downloaded from the Chrome Store. However, it does require a Dice Open Web account. To request a free demo of Open Web, visit dice.com/openweb.

What browsers does the Dice Recruiter Chrome Extension currently support?
Dice Recruiter is available in the Google Chrome Store. A similar extension will be launching for other browsers later in 2015.

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